1st week work

1st Ideas and prerequisite

Today I’m going to talk about my first week work for my game.

First let’s talk about my experience, I have already done some games in groups during my studies.

During my first year I had to code a  “Badland game”  (in group) in C, there is not much IA in there just a playable character


Then in group we worked on Sim city concept using advanced algorithms from Graph Theory which is interesting for this module since Graph Theory includes a big part of AI. I have done some others game but this is not relevant for now.

Yet, I have never created a game alone so this will be the first game on my own. So I decided to make a Tower Defense game using Unity. I learned C# last year so i will use C# to code my game.

Since I’m a beginner to Unity I’m following Brackeys Tutorials on How to make a Tower Defense Game, I’m at tutorial 7 right now, here is a small preview :



For now, I’m just writing and understanding what the person explains but here is the planning that I’m going to follow :

  • Finish Tower Defense tutorials (which include also small improvements)
  • Working on another AI

For the next sessions I will focus myself on this current Tower Defense game, but I want to  work on my own Tower Defense game where you will have to build wall to create the maze where the enemies have to go through. My future game will still be in 3D, but with a first person view.

1st AI Enemies path

In theses tutorials, the enemies are just following “Waypoints”

(represented by this)


Each waypoint has a number so when the enemy has reached one waypoint, it will head for the next waypoint until it has reached the end.


So the path-finding has to be improved (Dijkstra, A-Star, …) but I will talk about that in another post.


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