1st week work

1st Ideas and prerequisite

Today I’m going to talk about my first week work for my game.

First let’s talk about my experience, I have already done some games in groups during my studies.

During my first year I had to code a  “Badland game”  (in group) in C, there is not much IA in there just a playable character


Then in group we worked on Sim city concept using advanced algorithms from Graph Theory which is interesting for this module since Graph Theory includes a big part of AI. I have done some others game but this is not relevant for now.

Yet, I have never created a game alone so this will be the first game on my own. So I decided to make a Tower Defense game using Unity. I learned C# last year so i will use C# to code my game.

Since I’m a beginner to Unity I’m following Brackeys Tutorials on How to make a Tower Defense Game, I’m at tutorial 7 right now, here is a small preview :



For now, I’m just writing and understanding what the person explains but here is the planning that I’m going to follow :

  • Finish Tower Defense tutorials (which include also small improvements)
  • Working on another AI

For the next sessions I will focus myself on this current Tower Defense game, but I want to  work on my own Tower Defense game where you will have to build wall to create the maze where the enemies have to go through. My future game will still be in 3D, but with a first person view.

1st AI Enemies path

In theses tutorials, the enemies are just following “Waypoints”

(represented by this)


Each waypoint has a number so when the enemy has reached one waypoint, it will head for the next waypoint until it has reached the end.


So the path-finding has to be improved (Dijkstra, A-Star, …) but I will talk about that in another post.


Hello Neighbor AIAI

So in this post, I will talk about one interesting AI I know. I invite you to test the free demo (Pre-Alpha) at http://www.helloneighborgame.com/ or watch some YouTube videos to realize how amazing the AI is.

Hello neighbor is a first-person game where you have to sneak into your neighbor’s house to find out what kind of mystery is hiding behind a strange protected door.

In this game, there is only one AI, the neighbor which has several strengths :

  • Learn by himself
  • Study the player’s tactics
  • Undertake counter-actions
  • Remember the player’s decisions
  • Make plans


In order to see what’s behind the door, you will have to explore the house and find items you need to open the door. There are many objects that can be used to open passages in the house or to bait your neighbor , but so does he.

For example, you can use sleeping pills , hide in wardrobes, throw things to break windows…


This AI is interesting in term of complexity, it will remember what you did, study your tactics but he can still be baited.

He’ll try to secure his territory protecting the most vulnerable spots, for example if you use to pass through the main door, he will put cameras and traps on the ground in front of the main door.


The longer you play – the smarter and more experienced the Neighbor becomes. And the more difficult it is to win…

Since the game is still in development, the AI has several behaviour states and the house keeps looking different. At each release, the AI is smarter and looks more human.

From the Alpha 2, The Neighbor will roam around his home, performing standard household tasks, such as sleeping, eating, and bathing.

Even though, the AI is really smart, there is still some glitches like the character can be stuck in walls.


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